About Us

Pass it Forward Gifts. A Positive Choice.

Life is filled with challenges and we hope to receive support and understanding from others in the community in our time of need. A simple act of kindness can brighten someones day, give them hope and lift their spirit.

By choosing to shop at Pass it Forward Gifts, you will generate a donation that is passed on to help someone in need, an online shopping experience that will leave you feeling good.

Shop With Us. Help Others

Betty Zeritis is the founder of Pass it Forward Gifts, an active volunteer and believer in compassion and generosity as the way forward to a brighter future. After many years in the corporate sector she decided to direct her energy towards helping others on an ongoing basis, creating an online shop that would pass on 5% of all sales to charity.

We are proud to be supporting Petrea King's Quest for Life Foundation, Inala, Clothes Line Incorporated and Kids for Life, four wonderful charities who help Australians daily in practical and positive ways. Our customers get to decide how donations are shared by nominating their favourite charity when they finish shopping. Most of our gifts are made in Australia by Australians, another way we help our community.

Giving Back to the Community

Generosity is part of our business and we consider giving back to where it is needed the right thing to do. We openly and actively help people living with disabilities, the homeless, sick children and Australians living with cancer, grief and other trauma by passing on donations and getting involved in volunteer and community work.

Keep an eye on our charity donations counter and sign up to our newsletter to see how our collective effort makes a difference. Check the noticeboard for something new and interesting and feel free to contribute something inspiring by joining our forum or contacting us. We also ask you to kindly share Pass it Forward Gifts with your family and friends as a positive place to shop online.

Thank you for visiting.

Betty Zeritis, founder of Pass it Forward Gifts

"I encourage everyone to find a way to help others. Even a simple smile can make a difference"