Perfect Little Creations

Posted in Social Enterprise on March 4, 2012 | Comments

When I first saw the individually made cards at Miroma Light Industries, they instantly warmed my heart. I picked them up one by one and could see and feel just how much care and love had gone into each and every one of them.

These sweet little cards had been made by the employees at Miroma, part of Inala, and a Disability Enterprise program over at Bellevue Hill, NSW that employs people with disabilities. They sold like crazy over at their annual fate last year and I was thrilled to not be able to keep up with demand. I knew I was passing on more than just a product to others. These cards were supporting Inala and Miroma and creating job opportunties and a creative outlet for some beautiful friends I had made who smothered my with hugs all day.

All special in their own way I could feel the beautiful energy of the cards creators who take enormous pride in their work and are so happy to share their creativity with others. I just had to put these cards in my store I thought and pass on those perfect little creations.

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