A Day of Giving In Sydney

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What better way to celebrate World Kindess Week 2012 than to run amok in the streets of Sydney and surprising young and old with some wonderful acts of kindness. We met so many wonderful people who shared their perspective on life and why it is so important to trust and help each other through our tough times.

Like Gordon, a homeless guy who depended on ‘the kindness of strangers’ to get by every day or our beautiful private school girl volunteers at the Wayside Chapel who feel they are so lucky to have a priveleged life and want to help those less fortunate in their local area. Group hugs, handing out scratchies to the elderly, spending time with our marginalised and homeless, handing around hearts on a stick and chocolate to passers by….thats some of the good stuff we loved giving.

Enjoy some images from the video we will be posting shortly. Trying to get hours worth of footage into 4 minutes!

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