Helping Others – Improve Our World

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This video is by far my favourite – it really demonstrates what we all know and what I truly believe. If only we could trust and depend on other people in daily life to do the right thing, to care and be generous in spirit and in their actions. Could you imagine how beautiful our world could be? Simple kindness, fairness, respect, compassion and gratitude for the life and world we share = a perfect place to be.

Enjoy this wonderful video on helping others.

A poem with friends

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I recently asked my lovely Facebook friends to help me write a poem on kindness and here is how it ended up. A big thank you to Lisa from Ripple Kindness Cards & also Kathie from Women with Spirit.

“If kindness made our world go round, we sure would all sleep safe and sound.
If love could always fill our hearts, each day would have a godly start. (Betty)

If we all make an effort to be kind to others, to neighbours, strangers, sisters and brothers.
We’d change the way we felt each day, and find peace and happiness, come what may. (Lisa)

If all your moments seem bleak and grim, take some time to look within.
Be grateful each and every day and the life you deserve will come your way”. (Kathie)

Thank you ladies ♥

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