Clothes Line Incorporated  

The sad fact is that most of the clothes donated by Australians never reach the needy. Clothes Line Incorporated changes this...

Due to the economic downturn, unemployment is on the rise and many have ended up losing their homes, sleeping in their cars and on the streets. Restoring self respect for the homeless, they quickly provide essential items such as good quality second hand clothing, blankets and toiletries. They make a noticeable difference to their lives and improve their comfort, self image and employment prospects.

Clothes Line does not currently receive any government funding and is staffed by kind hearted Australian volunteers. Working in close cooperation with Rev. Bill Crews of the Exodus Foundation, SydneyCare and other charitable organizations, they share a common goal of improving day-to-day life for the disadvantaged and marginalized. They also help Australians in times of natural disaster, such as bushfires, floods and drought relief.




Pass it Forward Gifts supports the work of four wonderful Australian charities, whose practical approach makes a real impact on peoples lives.

With so many worthy charities who need extra support, picking our partners was not easy.

To help a cross section of the Australian community, we chose to pass on donations to people living with disabilities, our precious children, the homeless and those who are challenged by life and illness.

Learn more about these wonderful charities here:


Quest for Life

Kids for Life

Clothes Line Incorporated

Help us continue to support them by choosing to shopat Pass it Forward Gifts instead. Your choice matters and will have a positive impact on our community.